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It was March 18, 2020 when Books & Books first locked down and closed our doors temporarily during the quarantine of the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost immediately, independent bookstores everywhere were turning to new technologies to quickly learn how to bring authors online on various livestreaming platforms. In late April, Books & Books launched a virtual author series of ongoing conversations in the midst of a brand-new virtual landscape. Fast forward to 2022 and more than 700 virtual events under our belt, now archived for your viewing pleasure. Scroll through some of these recordings and you’ll find more than 2 years’ worth of fascinating conversations in support of many of the important books published during a truly historic and unprecedented time. Follow us on Crowdcast and be the first to know of new events and pairings. You can stay up to date by subscribing to our newsletter, too. We are so grateful for your support and patronage, thank you!

V2: A Novel of World War II – A Lunchtime Conversation with Robert Harris and Adam Tooze

Event Date: December 4, 2020

Go back in time to 1944 in Robert Harris’s thriller V2: A NOVEL OF WORLD WAR II. You don’t want to miss Robert’s virtual chat with Adam Tooze, recorded live December 4, 2020 in par…

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The Secret Lives of Church Ladies: A Virtual Evening with Deesha Philyaw and Samantha Irby

Event Date: December 3, 2020

National Books Awards Finalist Deesha Philyaw was in virtual conversation with Samantha Irby on December 3, 2020 to talk about “The Secret Lives of Church Ladies.” Recorded live, i…

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Barely Functional Adult: A Virtual Evening with Meichi Ng and Jason Katzenstein

Event Date: December 1, 2020

BARELY FUNCTIONAL ADULT features short stories that we can all relate to. Meichi Ng and Jason Katzenstein discuss Ng’s collection of incriminating short stories about exes, murder,…

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An Evening with Kitty O’Meara in conversation with Andrea Gollin

Event Date: November 30, 2020

“And the People Stayed Home” is a beautiful, timely and timeless picture book for children (and readers of all ages) by Kitty O’Meara, featuring her hopeful prose poem about the gl…

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Miami Cooks: A Virtual Evening with Sara Liss, David Foulquier and Scott Linquist

Event Date: November 24, 2020

Find out what #MiamiCooks! Sara Liss is talking about her new cookbook with David Foulquier and Scott Linquist! Perfect for foodies, chefs, home cooks, and Miami-lovers alike. This…

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What Were We Thinking: A Virtual Evening with Carlos Lozada and Mitchell Kaplan

Event Date: November 23, 2020

The Washington Post’s Pulitzer Prize–winning book critic uses the books of the Trump era to argue that our response to this presidency reflects the same failures of imagination tha…

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A Virtual Evening with Thomas Keller, Lee Schrager and Corey Chow

Event Date: November 13, 2020

An incredible conversation between three icons of the culinary world, Thomas Keller, Lee Schrager and Corey Chow discussing Keller’s “The French Laundry, Per Se” cookbook and more….

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A Virtual Evening with Danielle Alvarez and Carlos Frias

Event Date: November 12, 2020

Nourishing recipes and inspiring kitchen projects destined for the aspirational home cook’s repertoire. Chef Danielle Alvarez speaks with Carlos Frias, a 2018 James Beard Award win…

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A Virtual Evening with Fred Guttenberg and Glenn Kirschner

Event Date: November 11, 2020

Life changed forever on Valentine’s Day 2018. What was to be a family day celebrating love turned into a nightmare. Fred Guttenberg and Glenn Kirschner discuss Fred’s book FIND THE…

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A Virtual Evening with Miami Noir: The Classics

Event Date: November 10, 2020

This long-awaited sequel to 2006’s best-selling Miami Noir offers classic noir from Elmore Leonard, Zora Neale Hurston, Damon Runyon, Lester Dent, and many more. Akashic Books cont…

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Un evento virtual con Ilan Stavans y Homero Aridjis

Event Date: November 9, 2020

Ilan Stavans, editor de Restless Books, erudito aclamado y escritor, presenta su último libro, Popol Vuh: A Retelling, una inspirada y provocadora traducción del mito maya de la cr…

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A Virtual Afternoon with Colette Bancroft, Lori Roy and Tim Dorsey

Event Date: November 8, 2020

Akashic Books continues its award-winning series of original noir anthologies, launched in 2004 with Brooklyn Noir. Each book comprises all new stories, each one set in a distinct…

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