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It was March 18, 2020 when Books & Books first locked down and closed our doors temporarily during the quarantine of the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost immediately, independent bookstores everywhere were turning to new technologies to quickly learn how to bring authors online on various livestreaming platforms. In late April, Books & Books launched a virtual author series of ongoing conversations in the midst of a brand-new virtual landscape. Fast forward to 2022 and more than 700 virtual events under our belt, now archived for your viewing pleasure. Scroll through some of these recordings and you’ll find more than 2 years’ worth of fascinating conversations in support of many of the important books published during a truly historic and unprecedented time. Follow us on Crowdcast and be the first to know of new events and pairings. You can stay up to date by subscribing to our newsletter, too. We are so grateful for your support and patronage, thank you!

The Democracy Book Club: The Military & Politics: A Threat to Our Democracy?

Event Date: December 10, 2022

Writers for Democratic Action and Democracy Book Club presents an Evening with Phil Klay, Tony Schwalm, & Elliot Ackerman, moderated by Jacki Lyden discussing the politicizatio…

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What Does the Election Mean for Democracy? EJ Dionne, Nancy Rosenblum, Stuart Stevens & Jo-Ann Mort

Event Date: November 15, 2022

A conversation to decipher what happened, where we go from here, and what are the perils and possibilities for our democracy. Book the Vote is a national drive bringing together re…

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Dawnlands: A Virtual Evening with Philippa Gregory and Silvia Licha

Event Date: November 9, 2022

Philippa Gregory is the author of many New York Times bestselling novels, including The Other Boleyn Girl, and is a recognized authority on women’s history. Many of her works have…

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We Take Our Cities with Us: An Evening with Sorayya Khan & Lily King

Event Date: November 7, 2022

After her Dutch mother’s death, Sorayya Khan confronts her grief by revisiting their relationship, her parents’ lives, and her own Pakistani-Dutch heritage in a multicultural memoi…

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Waking Beauty: A Virtual Afternoon with Rebecca Solnit & Donna Seaman

Event Date: November 6, 2022

Expanding, transforming, and subverting the magical tale of Sleeping Beauty, Rebecca Solnit revitalizes this classic story with a new perspective: Maya, the sister who stayed awake…

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Digital Lethargy: An Evening with Tung-Hui Hu and Kate Crawford

Event Date: November 2, 2022

Hu explores digital lethargy through a series of works by contemporary artists, writers, and performers. These works dwell within the ordinariness and even banality of digital life…

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The Architecture of Suspense: A Haunted Lunch with Christine Madrid French

Event Date: October 28, 2022

The Architecture of Suspense is the first book to document how great architectural minds found expression in Hitchcock’s films and how the director used their talents and his own u…

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Map of Hope and Sorrow: An Evening with Helen Benedict, Eyad Awwadawnan and Mansi Choksi

Event Date: October 26, 2022

The stories of refugees who fled violence or persecution only to become trapped in the worst refugee camps in Europe. Helen Benedict, award-winning British-American professor of jo…

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Our Shadows Have Claws: An Evening with Yamile Saied Méndez, Amparo Ortiz and Chantel Acevedo

Event Date: October 25, 2022

Fifteen original short stories from YA superstars, featuring Latin American mythology’s most memorable monsters. From zombies to cannibals to death incarnate, this cross-genre anth…

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The Tiger and the Cage: An Evening with Emma Bolden and Chantel Acevedo

Event Date: October 24, 2022

This exquisitely wrought debut memoir recounts a lifelong struggle with chronic pain and endometriosis, while speaking more broadly to anyone who’s been told “it’s all in your head…

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MegaThreats: A Virtual Evening with Nouriel Roubini

Event Date: October 20, 2022

Professor of economics at New York University’s Stern School of Business, and author Nouriel Roubini spoke about his book MegaThreats: Ten Dangerous Trends That Imperil Our Future,…

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Lavender House: An Evening with Lev AC Rosen and Dan Chaon

Event Date: October 19, 2022

A delicious story from a new voice in suspense, Lev AC Rosen’s Lavender House is Knives Out with a queer historical twist.

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