Ordinary Equality: An Evening with Kate Kelly and Brandon Wolf

Event Date: April 19, 2022 7:00 pm

“Ordinary Equality” digs into the fascinating and little-known history of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and the lives of the incredible–and often overlooked–women and queer people who have helped shape the U.S. Constitution for more than 200 years. From before the Constitution was even drafted to the modern day, Kate Kelly examines how and why constitutional equality for women and Americans of all marginalized genders has been systematically undermined for the past 100-plus years, and then calls us all to join the current movement to put it back on the table and get it across the finish line.

Based on author Kate Kelly’s acclaimed podcast of the same name, “Ordinary Equality” recounts a story centuries in the making.

Ordinary Equality: The Fearless Women and Queer People Who Shaped the U.S. Constitution and the Equal Rights Amendment by Kate Kelly