Long Live King Kobe: An Evening with Spencer Ostrander, Paul Auster, Sherma Chambers & Kareem Eusebe

Event Date: August 4, 2022 7:00 pm

Thanks to the generosity of the entire Nichols/Chambers family, “Long Live King Kobe” invites us to join them in their intimate grief in the weeks that followed Tyler Kobe Nichols’s death. The family’s response to his murder, including their creation of a foundation dedicated to counteracting street violence with love, is one that presents their tragedy as a means for our society to grow. The Long Live King Kobe Foundation, started by Sherma Chambers, will support nonviolence initiatives to keep youth safe. Proceeds from this book will benefit the foundation.

Long Live King Kobe: Following the Murder of Tyler Kobe Nichols by By Paul Auster, Spencer Ostrander (Photographer), Sherma Chambers (Foreword by)