Friends of Books & Books

We’re grateful to our supporters who founded Friends at Books & Books with this original letter. Their directive is clear below. Please use this letter as a model to send to your own friends with a personal message. Thank you!!
SAMPLE LETTER, please feel free to make it your own:

Dear Friends,

We’re inviting you to support your favorite, splendid, prize-winning local bookstore. No need to tell you these are hard times but when they are over we all want to be able to gather in Books & Books and feel the joy. To make sure that happens, we ask you to become a FOBB– Friends of Books & Books.

Click on this link: Buy a gift card and, you’ve done it. Welcome, FOBB. Also! Buy your books from Books & Books. Easy: Go to the website: booksandbooks.comCurbside pickup available.

One last favor: Please add FOBB in the “order comments” box at the bottom of the check-out page for both gift cards and book purchases.

Please send this invitation to become a FOBB out to your contacts topped with a personal message about what this means to you.

We hope our efforts will snowball, growing bigger all the while. That can happen if you ask your contacts to pass on this invitation in turn to their contacts, with a personal note. If you’d like to use Facebook also, OK. But our wish is that you begin with your personal email and contact list.

We look forward to a long, long list of FOBBS and when this is over, we’ll have a glorious gathering & celebration, you know where.

We thank you. Mitchell thanks you. And our children and grandchildren will thank you.



Toby Lerner Ansin 

Dave Barry

Mitchell Bierman

Madeleine Blais

Debra Dean

Anjanette Delgado

John Dufresne

Mayor Dan Gelbert

Maureen Gragg

David Lawrence

Campbell McGrath

Ana Menendez

David Lawrence

Maggie Silverstein

Laurinda Spear

Les Standiford 

Norma Watkins


List of Contributors To Date:

Pace Barnes

Melissa Beek

Ruth Behar

Howard Berman

Rachel Blechman

Mamta Chaudhry

Linda Citron

Jennine Capó-Crucet

Jennifer Cullen

Laura Denis

Dorothy Downs

Ilene Eber

Josh Felser

Maria Freed

Daniel Fryer

Catherine Garton

Liza GreenbergKaren Goodman

Susan Gregorie

Nancy Gelles

Thomas Harris

Mim Harrison

Michelle Kaufman

Lynne Keller

Marjorie Klein

Carol Kunstler

Keith Landon

Renee Lieberman

Carol Lynch

Samantha Mack

Dale Robert Mason

Michelle Romero

Ana Menéndez

Robert Morison

Ariela Moscowitz

Marcos Moure

Robert Neway

Gloria Noriega

Jen Posner

Peter Ranger

Leigh Raper

Michelle Romero

Claire Savitt

Pat Seitz

Patricia Shillington

Joan Silverstein

Madeline Silverstein

Julie Simon

Jeanne Snyder

Larry Snyder

Sharon Socol

Steve Sorkin

Penny Thurer

Patrick Todd

Jessilyn Valera

Cristina Vazquez

Ana Veciana-Suárez

Abby Vicencio

Ruthanne Vogel

Kathy Weiss

Judith Zito

Mary Brenner