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March 3, 2018 @ 12:00 pm

Maria Shriver


March 3, 2018
12:00 pm


Books & Books in Coral Gables
265 Aragon Ave
Coral Gables, FL 33134



Books & Books is proud to announce that Maria Shriver will be visiting our Gables bookshop next Saturday, March 3 at noon. Buy a ticket for entry and receive a copy of her new book, I’VE BEEN THINKING. 


Space is limited so make sure to purchase your tickets today!

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As a prominent woman juggling many roles, Maria Shriver knows just how surprising, unpredictable, and stressful everyday life can be. In her new book, I’VE BEEN THINKING… (Pamela Dorman Books/Viking, $20), the bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and mother of four shares her reflections for those seeking wisdom, guidance, encouragement, and inspiration on the road to a meaningful life.

In this moving and powerful book, which is inspired by the messages Shriver shares in her popular e-newsletter, The Sunday Paper, she offers up lessons she’s learned along the way and meditations she’s kept by her side as touchstones to help her negotiate the challenges that arise in all our lives. She shares inspiring quotes, prayers, and reflections designed to get readers thinking, get them feeling, get them laughing, and get them through in one piece in their journey to what she calls The Open Field—a place of acceptance, purpose, and passion, a place of joy.

I’VE BEEN THINKING… tackles big issues like faith and family and finding your path; it stresses the importance of being present, hitting pause, saying thank you, listening, and telling your story. Shriver shares tales from her own life, including the guidance her mother gave her, how it felt to send her youngest off to college, and what she has learned about handling the curveballs that life throws your way. The advice she passes along includes:

  • On gratitude: “[Research] shows that making a daily conscious effort to be grateful does in fact make you a happier, more hopeful person… The power of gratitude can turn a bad day into a good one. It makes you look at your life in a different way. Being thankful can make all the difference in your day.”
  • On the power of women: “May we reassure ourselves that being a woman isn’t a liability. It’s an asset. Like any asset, you must invest in it, care for it, recognize its uniqueness, and nurture it forward… Never doubt that you belong at the table. Never doubt that you bring something to it. And never forget to save a seat for someone else.”
  • On family and motherhood: “I was scared to become a mother… [but] I didn’t need to be afraid of all the things I thought I couldn’t do. The most important thing I could do and can do is to love—love openly and love unconditionally. Nothing else really matters. Not the to-do lists. Not all the activities… At the end of the day, it’s the time we spend loving one another that I think our kids remember the most.”
  • On aging gracefully and the beauty within: “We all long to be seen as valuable, no matter how old we are. And we work hard trying to get others to recognize our value, our worth, so often giving them the power to decide if we are, in fact, jewels to be cherished. But that power is actually our own… You are a jewel. Don’t get discouraged when the gift wrap wrinkles or fades. There’s something precious inside.”
  • On the blessing of good health: “Right now, my mind is intensely focused on the disease that is robbing millions of people of their minds: Alzheimer’s… I want to be able to remember my kids’ names and their children’s names, because my own father couldn’t… I want to be healthy in my mind and my body, and I don’t take my health for granted… And neither should you.”
  • On faith and forgiveness: “To truly get to the place I wanted to be—which was to be a steady, solid, peaceful, forgiving person—I started with myself… if I could let go of my resentments and judgments of myself, I could and should let go of my resentments and judgments of others… Forgiveness is letting go of the need to feel like a victim. Work on it. You’ll lighten your load.”
  • On kindness: “We all want to be treated with kindness, because we’re all struggling in some way, shape, or form. I had to learn this as an adult, because growing up in a large, competitive, and tough Irish Catholic family, I used to confuse kindness with weakness… I now understand that kindness doesn’t mean weakness. You have to be really strong to be kind.”

I’VE BEEN THINKING… is ideal for people at any point in their lives—everyone from high-powered executives to full-time caregivers, single, married, divorced, and otherwise. Whether you feel like you’ve got it all together or it’s all falling apart, whether you’re taking stock of your life or simply looking to recharge, this slender, accessible, motivating book is for anyone who needs a reminder that we’re all in this together. It’s the kind of book you will turn to again and again for guidance and encouragement, one that provides the feeling we get when talking to a close friend. The result is a perfect gift for people wanting to renew their purpose and move forward with hope and grace.


Maria Shriver is the mother of four, a Peabody Award-winning and Emmy Award-winning journalist and producer, the author of six New York Times bestselling books and a bestselling coloring book, an NBC News Special Anchor, and founder of The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. When she’s not thinking or writing, she can be found hanging with her kids.