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September 22, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

Anamaría Coello


September 22, 2018
7:00 pm


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I believe that some books are destined to be written, and Seeking Girlfriend for Lonesome George, is definitely one of them. Back on March 17, 2010, I happened to be in Ecuador for a short visit, when I read in the newspaper that Se busca novia para Solitario George was being launched on that day. I was enthralled by the title, which basically translated to English as “In Search of Girlfriend for Lonesome George.” I was also happily surprised to read that Alfaguara Infantil, (nowadays: Lo que leo) had published this book, written by Verónica Coello. The latter information made me smile, for I had worked for some years at Santillana/Alfaguara, and coincidentally the author and I shared the same last name, without any family relation. I remember reading the announcement/invitation, regretting not being able to attend, due to previous commitments.

Five and a half years went by since that day. It was the second week of September, 2015. I was in Ecuador again, attending the International Book fair of Guayaquil, where coincidentally, I was introduced to Verónica Coello, at the Book Fair. I greeted her very warmly, almost as if I already knew her, and told her the story that I just share with you above. As we were speaking, she presented me with a wonderful gift: Se busca novia para Solitario George.

 Few weeks later, during one short afternoon, I had the opportunity to finally read the book. I fell in love with the story and felt the urge to translate it to English. This book was ready to travel the world, and the English version of it, was going to become its passport. Such beautiful story of friendship and love had to be spread around the world, since currently, Se busca novia para Solitario George may only be purchased in Ecuador and Peru. By giving it a passport, it was a way of honoring the uniqueness of the Galapagos Islands, which are proudly a part of Ecuador. It was also an opportunity for the younger generations abroad, to discover this beautiful country; and for the older generations that already knew about it, hopefully it would become part of their bucket list.

This book project started officially in January, 2016; the first draft was ready by June, 2016. After that, the book went through a one year hiatus that lasted until September, 2017, when it was decided that it would go to press before the year would end. So, after eight weeks of what it seemed endless nights of non-stop editing and more editing of and already edited version, the book went to press on November 27, 2017. On December 22, 2017, the book was ready to be distributed. In January, 2018, Rayuela Bookstore began selling the book in Quito, Ecuador.

On April 18, 2018, eight years after the original version was published in Spanish, Seeking Girlfriend for Lonesome George, was launched at the Ecuadorean/American Cultural Center of Guayaquil. Since April, 2018, the book is sold at Books and Books in Miami, Florida.

Although the original version of the book was written for children, Seeking Girlfriend for Lonesome George, was written for the young at heart: its readers are ageless.

Thanks to all of the kind people that have purchased this book, it already has traveled through South and Central America, the US and Canada, as well as, Europe, South Korea, and all the way to Australia. I wholeheartedly hope you enjoy this book and its beautiful illustrations and may you visit the Galapagos Islands one day in the near future.

Anamaría Coello