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February 25 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

A Morning with Marlene Menedez, Alison Yanni, Ivy Miles & Rosalia Quintana


February 25
11:30 am - 12:30 pm


zArchive2-Books & Books Coral Gables
265 Aragon Ave
Coral Gables, FL 33134 United States
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Books & Books presents…

A Morning with Marlene Menedez, Alison Yanni, Ivy Miles, and Rosalia Quintana


Wisdom in Bloom: Stories of Healers Who Trust in Faith

Sunday, February 25th, 11:30 AM | Books & Books, Coral Gables


Books & Books is proud to present a morning with Marlene Menedez, Alison Yanni, Ivy Miles, and Rosalia Quintana to discuss their new book: Wisdom in Bloom: Stories of Healers Who Trust in Faith.

This event is FREE and open to the public and books will be available for purchase the day of the event! Please RSVP only if you intend to join us.

About the Book:

Transformative Narratives of Faith, Healing, and Empowerment

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the intertwined stories of four remarkable healers. Marlene, Rosalia, Ivy, and Alison. Each healer shares her unique odyssey, offering profound insights into the transformative power of faith, resilience, and self-discovery.

-Marlene Menendez empowers you to reclaim your personal power, banishing doubt and limitations, while aligning with cosmic wisdom for abundant living.

-Join Rosalia on her odyssey, where love and transformative steps guide your path from fear to faith, fostering deep inner growth, stress reduction, enhanced intuition, and resilience.

-From facing mortality to unlocking inner power, Ivy encourages you to be your own guide in holistic techniques that restore balance and connect you to divine inner wisdom.

-Alison C. Yanni unveils the unseen forces of healing, inviting you to embrace infinite possibilities and cultivate a deeper connection to your mystical self.

“Wisdom in Bloom” invites you to a tapestry of healing narratives, transcending fear, embracing faith, and unlocking the boundless possibilities within. Join us as we illuminate the path to well-being, self-discovery, and empowerment. Your radiant rebirth awaits—answer the call to transformation and secure your copy today.

About the Authors:

Ivy Miles, founder of Ivy’s Holistic Arts, empowers women to embrace inner healing wisdom for balance and energy alignment. As an Integrative Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Master, and Breast Cancer Survivor & Coach, Ivy draws on her journey to offer unique healing methods. Through group programs and one-on-one sessions, she guides women in creating mindset, nutrition, energy, and lifestyle changes for holistic wellbeing, joy, and abundance. Clients experience decreased stress, increased vital energy, and a balanced, joyful life under Ivy’s expert support.

Marlene Menendez, once a struggling single mother at 29, broke free from a life lacking creativity and fulfillment. Leaving her job in health administration, she opened a Miami massage center, initially dismissing spirituality. However, her journey led her to explore meditation, breathwork, and shamanism, transforming her life. Dedicating four years to studying ancient healing traditions, Marlene, alongside a sisterhood of women, witnessed profound transformations through nature, energy work, and Peruvian shaman wisdom in the Amazon. Embracing her feminine nature, she now guides women through trusting the unknown. As a Modern Mystic, Chakra energy healer, tarot reader, and RYT200 yoga instructor, Marlene helps women overcome blocks, enabling them to pursue their heart’s desires. If you seek a deeper, truer path, Marlene offers spiritual tools for daily life.

Meet Rosalia Quintana—a multi-hyphenate individual: student, spiritual teacher, ambassador of LOVE, Nurse Practitioner, author, speaker, and expression of source. Founder of Quantum Alchemist Master™, Rosalia guides you to master and alchemize your life through introspection. Formerly in healthcare, she explored various fields before a transformative journey led her to birth her soul business. Originally from Cuba and now in Miami, FL, Rosalia’s passion is creating inclusive experiences fostering self-acceptance, self-mastery, and awareness of inherent worthiness. She supports humanity in ascension, awakening, and expansion, guiding individuals to soul-aligned purpose through introspection. Leading from the heart, Rosalia advocates for a life rooted in LOVE, health, abundance, and authenticity as our birthright. Join her on the collective journey to create our reality—because LOVE has already WON!

Alison C. Yanni, LMT, CST is a Craniosacral Therapist, Healing Facilitator, Speaker and Author dedicated to the physical healing and spiritual growth of her clients. She specializes in trauma, immune dysfunction/dis-ease, obstetrics, pediatrics, women’s health, and major life transitions. By focusing on the body’s innate ability to heal itself, Alison works in collaboration with her clients to discover the hidden stories stored in the body, reprogram the nervous system, and gently release these stories and dysfunction so that the body and spirit can make the necessary corrections to step into balance. With over 16 years experience, Alison brings a wealth of knowledge and presence that has even the most complicated cases find hope and healing again. Most clients remark that her work is so much more than Craniosacral Therapy. She cuts the cords from the past, adjusts timelines stored in the body, and begins to shift the biology in ways there are no words for.